Aimbot allows you to target enemies automatically.

ESP allows you to see the location of enemies through walls.

If you have previously used another valorant cheat and / or our hack is get detected, hwid spoofer is protecting your real hardware ID.

Our Valorant hack has not been detected since it started Open Beta so June 2nd.

No. We allow you to use our valorant hack on one computer, if you share it with another person, your key will be locked automatically.

If you have paid by credit card, you will have the hack in seconds, but in crypto payments, these transactions can take up to 30 minutes to complete, as the confirmations are processed by the blockchain.

Payments and Refunds does not offer refunds on any products. Since our services provide electronic, virtual intangible goods we do not offer refunds. You will not receive any refund for partial or non-usage of the services provided, please make sure the product you are going to purchase is right for you. After activating your license key, you will no longer be eligible for any refunds.

Unauthorized use of funds for payment, fraudulent payments, attempts to ‘charge back’ or deny payments to your account will result in your account being permanently terminated. will not refund in the event that a game account suspension, ban or termination has occurred. We do not condone the use of our products in an online environment.  CLICK for more information.

Valorant Hack

Valorant is one of the most popular fps games of 2021. Valorant Hack is the best Zhex.Pro.
Valorant Hack

Valorant Agents(Characters) and Skills


This character can fly up, rise again, glide with a parachute and run fast through tight spaces and between two players. Jet can also smoke three different places. Blade Storm (Ultimate Skill) can also shoot with 5 knives. If you can hit a player in the head with a knife, this is eaten and you can throw five knives at the same time. And you can get unlimited clay. You can remove the players and you can play a series 3 times also Jet one of the most compatible characters with valorant cheats,  our awesome aimbot perfect work to the super fast agent.

Tactics: It is very important to combine all your skills while playing Jett. In order to prevent your opponent from seeing you, after attacking your opponent by moving quickly with “Tailwind”, you can restrict your opponent’s view with the “Cloudburst” and you can take your opponent off guard by changing the angle!

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