Valorant Hack Tutorials

In BIOS settings, disable secure boot (the process for this varies for different devices- Google is your best friend).

Ensure your BIOS Mode is UEFI (if it isn’t- Google is your best friend):

Uninstall the following programs (if you have them) and reboot your PC:

  • Third-party anti-virus software such as Kapersky, Norton, and Avast
  • Overclocking utilities such as MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision X, AMD Overdrive, and ASUS GPU TWEAK II
  • HTTP debuggers
  • Virtualization software such as Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware, and Parallels Desktop2

Search for security in the search field on your taskbar:

Select Virus & threat protection:

Select Manage settings under Virus & threat protection settings:

valorant hack

Set Real-time protection to Off:

valorant hack

Select App & browser control from the menu on the left:

Select Reputation-based protection settings:

Turn off Check apps and files and Potentially unwanted app blocking:

Select App & browser control from the menu on the left:

Select Exploit protection settings:

Turn off CFG and Bottom-up ASLR and reboot your PC:

Search for windows defender firewall in the search field on your taskbar:

Select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off:

Turn off Windows Defender Firewall for both private and public networks and click OK:

Download and install the following :


Complete the following steps to load the driver:

Download the following Valorant Loader: HERE

Format a USB drive to FAT32

Copy and paste the files you downloaded from the first step onto your USB. The main directory of your USB should look like this:

Boot your PC to BIOS (this process differs for every PC- Google is your best friend)

Choose the USB drive as the highest priority in your boot order

Save changes and exit. You will see the following command prompt:

Enter the command:


Enter the command (NOT “1s” AS IN “ONE-S” BUT “ls” AS IN “L-S”):


The directory should appear as below:
If the directory does not appear as above, try the following commands:


Enter the command:

load memory.efi

You should see this:

Enter the following command:


You should see a list of boot options again. Select your main drive where Windows is installed on and start the standard boot procedure.

if the above steps were performed correctly, a blue screen should appear:

Right click and run the .exe file as administrator.

Login with your license key by pasting it and hitting your enter key. Make sure you are not pasting spaces.

Load the cheat by typing “1” and hitting your enter key.

The console will tell you to run the game after it successfully maps the driver.

After Valorant is detected to be open, the console will provide instructions for you. To be specific, you must press your F2 key once you are in the lobby to load the cheat.

Press insert to toggle (show/hide) the menu. You can use the menu to change the settings for the cheat, using your function keys.

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