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Escape From Tarkov Hack Features

Supported anti-cheats: BattlEye + BSG AntiCheat
Supported CPUs: Intel & AMD
Supported OS: Windows 10 - 20H2 - Windows 11 (New)
Supported Stream Proof : OBS, Xsplit, Shadowplay
Supported Game Screen : Borderless/Windowed
 Injected Method : Internal
 Inbuild Spoofer  : Yes
Enable Aim No Recoil Enable ESP Draw Exit Draw Equipment Loot PriceBox Color
FovNo Sway 2D Box Distance to Door Draw Food Color ExitSkeleton Color
Aim KeyNo Breath Head Point Draw MoneyLine Color
Aim Bone Box TypeDraw StimulatorHead Point Color
 Aim TargetDraw NameDraw Meds Fov Color
Draw BOTDraw ContainerFPS Overlay
Player SkeletonDraw Container
Draw Text

Escape From Tarkov Hack

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is an FPS game where players face off against each other and artificial intelligence-controlled characters (Scav) on different maps. The common goal of everyone is to "loot" as much as possible within a certain period of time and reach the exit points on the map without being killed, which is called "raid". (There are also tasks such as finding a certain item or eliminating a certain target.) There are many weapons, equipment and items in the main inventory (Stash) of everyone who owns the game. As PMC, we take what we want with us when entering a raid. (It is also possible to enter the raid in the role of Scav at certain time intervals.) The most key detail of the game is that we lose everything on us when we die. That's why Escape from Tarkov is the most tense FPS game on the market. You can keep loot safe and sound with the Escape From Tarkov Hack (EFT Hack).

Undetected EFT Hack with Zhex.Pro

Undetected Escape From Tarkov Hack (EFT Hack) works with a completely private method also a unique build for each user. Play the game safely with limited slots.
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Our Escape From Tarkov (EFT) is updated for the latest version immediately after the game patch and sent to customers with automatic update. Compensation period is added to each customer by calculating the Outdate periods.


We use special methods to keep safety your accounts. Our first priority is the security of our customers. All Escape From Tarkov (EFT Hack) Hack versions used by our customers are first used by the testers and developers. If there is a problem, the current version will not be made available to customers until it is secure again, and the waiting times are of course compensated to customers.


We are aware that it is annoying to follow the 25-30 Step instructions and restart your computer countless times to use the Escape From Tarkov Hack . Our Escape From Tarkov Hack just a few steps with a one file, it will be ready to use immediately, without rebooting the PC or messing with the bios. All you need is only your license key and the Loader!


Our Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Cheat is optimized for all computers including low PCs! Cheats works on your computer as light as possible and does not unnecessary Memory usage.


  • All the features in Tarkov Hack can be customized as you wish..
  • You can easily save the custom features to your profile and leave it saved even if you turn off the cheat.


  • We know that sending money over the Internet can sometimes feel sketchy.
  • Everything's securely encrypted in our payment methods and none of your information can be accessed by us or anyone else.


We know it sounds weird when we say excellence cheating community. We have private Discord Server for customers. Our Mods are active here and our customers really enjoy chatting and spending time together!


We know that sending money over the Internet can sometimes feel sketchy. Everything's securely encrypted in our payment methods and none of your information can be accessed by us or anyone else.

eft aimbot hack

What is Escape From Tarkov Aimbot Hack (EFT Hack) and How to Use It?

Clearly Escape From Tarkov Aimbot is a game add-on that performs targeting at your enemy for you. While it makes things very easy for you, it makes it equally difficult for your enemies. There are things you need to know when using the Escape From Tarkov aimbot cheat. We have explained them below for you.
1-) Aimbot Key : You need to select an AimKey (aim key) and an Aim Bone (aim target). For example: You chose the "Alt" key as the Aim Key. You have chosen Head as AimBone. When you press the Alt key, the weapon automatically locks to the (Body) part of the opponent you selected in Aim Bone and you just shoot.
2-)Bone to Aim : This setting will you choose which area of the enemy the aim will be locked on. There are 4 options: "Foot" "Body" "Neck" "Head" Reminder: Constantly aiming at the enemy's head may result in a manual ban from your account in stats controlled by Escape From Tarkov. The recommended choice for Costumers of Escape from Tarkov Hack should be "Neck" and "Body".
3-) Aimbot Fov : It can be summarized as it determines how many degrees of angle the sight will be locked. Since your front sight is 180°, if you get Aimbot Fov to 180 aim will lock as a to all opponents in front sight of you. Same logic, when set to Fov 360° aim will be locked to enemies everywhere, including your rear sight.

eft aimbot hack
Zhex Premium Hack

Escape From Tarkov ESP / WallHack

If your enemies are behind a wall you can see them ignoring all obstacles. Wallhack usually refers to visual features in eft hacks. In other words, killing the enemies behind the walls can match the term wallhack, but everyone uses the word wallhack to see the opponents from behind the walls in general but for the eft hacks more important than seeing the enemies is to have the Item ESP. Filtering by detailed item value and price, visibility control, distance distance and many different customizations are available.

EFT HWID Spoofer (Included EFT Hack)

HWID Spoofer is available for free to every customer who purchases the EFT Cheat. It is a unique software that protects you from your past bans and future hardware bans.It runs through the hack loader and doesn't need any files or installations. it prevents BattlEye from detecting your real hardware.


Do you make refund?

If the key has been activated, We do not issue refunds as long as the product is working. If our hack works on your computer and the key is activated, there is no refund.

Is there a risk of getting banned by the games?

This is your responsibility. Zhex Hack cannot give you any guarantee in this regard. Remember, no cheat is 100% safe.

How can I use it on a different computer?

We allow use on a single computer. Our cheats remain saved on the first activated computer. If you have changed hardware or formatted the computer, contact support.

How can I download the Loader?

A link will be sent to you after the purchase, you can download from here.

What is the detection rate for your cheats?

Our cheats are not affected by most ban waves due to low user base and privacy.

The cheat is not working what should I do?

If the cheat is not working make sure you follow the instructions one by one. If you can't find a solution, contact us via live support.

I bought it but my order is still in process?

Card payments are usually completed instantly. Depending on the density of the blockchain, crypto payments may take longer. If you think something is wrong, do not hesitate to contact us.

What happens if cheating is detected?

We are immediately freezing the cheat and adding the time until a new update is released to our customers' keys.

The cheat status is updating, what should I do?

If the cheat is in updating status, please be patient and wait for the new update. Updates generally take less than 24 hours.

The cheat status is frozen, what should I do?

The freeze is probably caused by cheat detection. We make the cheat safe again for a short time. We give time compensation to all our customers.

eft hack

Tarkov Radar

Tarkov radars created using game packs so they are much more difficult to detect. But we can say that it works not stable because the packets are easily encrypted and because they re-encrypt the cracked passwords with a different method, it does not always work smoothly, and radar hacks that work with a single computer are very difficult to find these days. They work externally and do not work on the monitor you are playing games on, you use them on a different monitors, so we do not find radar cheating useful. Nowadays, a well-made escape from tarkov cheat is more secure and stable. Nowadays, Tarkov Hacks are more useful than tarkov radar cheats, they are safe and stable.

Tarkov Price Check (Filters)

Tarkov price check feature allows you to list the prices of all items in raids. You can also filter by price and list valuable products. We can say that it is the most useful tarkov hack feature, because escape from tarkov is already a game based on item loots. Our price check cheat feature is automatically updated in accordance with the variable tarkov price market.

Tarkov Slient Aimbot (Next Gen Magic Bullets) Hack

Slient Aim feature is the enhanced version of the magic bullet. Bullets follow the opponent like in Magic Bullets, but unlike in slient aim, the bullets do not follow the enemies behind the walls. Slient Aimbot is quite rage compared to classic aimbot.

Visibility Check (Tarkov ESP) Hack

The visibility control helps you when you are not sure whether the sure enemies is behind the wall or not. For example, if your enemies is behind a wall, ESP hack appears in red, and changes to green when your enemy leaves behind the wall. It is a feature produced for customers who like legit eft cheats, it prevents you from hitting your enemiesbehind the wall with aimbot, providing a more legit game experience.

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By purchasing our EFT Hack, you can dominate your enemies right now.  Our Escape From Tarkov cheat is simple to use and has a lot of features, it works on all windows 10/11 versions. It has a built-in spoofer, extra protection for your entire PC and game account!

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