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What is Apex Legends?

It shows itself as a game released by EA Games in 2019. The Apex Legends game is among the survival games and can be downloaded and played for free. The game, which reaches a wide range of players, basically has a single game mode.


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Apex Legends Character Features

The most important of the features to be examined regarding the Apex Legends game are the characteristics of the characters. Characteristics of the characters in the game are generally the players; It has passive, tactical and ultimate features.

Bangalore; The passive ability of the player starts to run much faster. for a short period of time if the player is attacked while running. The Tactical feature quickly builds a smoke wall by firing gas canisters. Ultimate, on the other hand, deals heavy damage to the enemy by raining rockets from the sky.

Gibraltar; The passive ability of the character creates a small shield in the player’s weapon after aiming with the gun. The Tactical ability consists of a dome-shaped protective shield for 15 seconds. The Ultimate ability calls for a mortar attack where the player fired the flare.

Bloodhound; passive ability of the player detects where his enemies are passing with clues. The Tactical skill reveals enemies, traps, and clues to the rest of your enemies. In addition to moving faster as the player becomes a hunter. his Ultimate skill also sees the trail of his enemies.

Caustic; The passive ability of the character sees the enemies inside the gas bombs. while the tactical skill sets six lethal gas capsule traps that are triggered by the enemies. In Ultimate ability, it releases deadly gas to large areas.

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Lifeline; The passive feature of the character removes the player’s shield quickly, and the health equipment is used faster than normal. The tactical skill of the character gives health to those. standing around the special drones that the player has thrown. The player’s ultimate ability summons a capsule containing the player’s high-quality defensive equipment.

Mirage; In the passive skill of his character, the player becomes invisible for five seconds and leaves behind a misleading hologram. The tactical capability of the player can send holograms to the desired point in order to surprise the enemies of the player. The character’s ultimate ability distracts his enemies by creating some holograms.

Octane; The character’s passive ability regenerates health by one unit every 2 seconds while the player is not damaged, while the tactical ability runs 30% faster for 6 seconds against 10 units of health. The Ultimate ability creates a launch pad that allows for an upward and forward jump.

Pathfinder; passive capability shows the point where safe areas will narrow by scanning the transmitters on the map. The Tactical skill allows the player to pull himself by hooking where he wants. In Ultimate skill, the player provides fast transportation by pulling the rope between the two points.

Wraith; The passive ability of the character is audibly warned in case of danger. In the Tactical skill, the player quickly and invariably changes position without taking damage. In the Ultimate skill, the player provides access by opening a 60-second portal between two points.