Hi There, Share a video about our Cheats on your youtube channel!

We are looking for Youtuber, Share Our Your Youtube Channel.

Hi guys, as we mentioned in the title, we are looking for youtuber partners. If you like to upload YouTube cheat videos, please read our offer.

So what are you going to get by doing this?
We give you a special promo code to share with your video, we offer 10% earnings for every product sold with this promotion code.
7 days free key for the game you are making a video.
Exclusive LIFETIME ACCESS to all our cheats, if you have good interaction. (There is no requirement for this offer, staff will give it on the initiative.)

Requirements for application.
1-) Your Youtube channel must have at least 500 subscribers.
2-) You must have posted a video about game cheats on your channel before.
3-) All videos made for our cheats should be at least 1.5 minutes.
4-) Our logo must be located anywhere on the screen for the entire videos (except intros)

Please contact us if you are interested, we need you!

Contact Discord : GodHeartMe#8588

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